Song request for Lörrach with two very good reasons

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Rock n Roll
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Song request for Lörrach with two very good reasons

Post by Rock n Roll » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:29 am

Dear Frank and the sleeping souls

I have been to many many of your show in many different places and never had the urge to make myself important enough to request something but tonight is different and it is not for me but for special people and memories. The Song I would like is nothing unusual and you will probably play it anyway but I have a little story why i mention it anyway. It is my dads fault really that I spend so much time at your (and others) shows. He introduced me to music and after having some rough times together through my teenage years music always got us closer again and sorted us out. Last year I saw Bob Dylan with him nearly same time as today and same place and then I didn`t realise it could be our last gig together as we had some shocking news this year. The good new is there will and already have been more gigs together with my dad and even when he isn`t here anymore at some point still Rock n Roll will save us all and will make me remember all the good times! He isn`t with me tonight because to be honest he is a it stuck in the 70is music wise...I am here with my three best friends and also we had some rough, complicated girls time the last month. But we will be there together tonight and Rock n Roll will also save our friendships :-) So thanks for your Music and Energy and I am very much looking forward to tonight!
So when you play "I still believe" I will have a big knees up with my friends Sarah, Seraina and Tatjana and will be with my dad in thoughts!
Thank you and see you later,

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Re: Song request for Lörrach with two very good reasons

Post by koepy » Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:26 pm

Hey Rebecca,

bet you just have to wait a few seconds once you see Frank and the other guys come up on stage. Have a great time.

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