Your Favourite FT Songs Live?

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Your Favourite FT Songs Live?

Post by MarsLlama » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:28 pm

Not necessarily your favourite of Frank's songs, but the ones you enjoy most in a live show. Covers are welcome on your list :)
Here are mine:
Photosynthesis- Who doesn't love this song, especially at the end of a set?
Four Simple Words- It just sums up what Frank's shows are about to me, and in fact it's the song that introduced me to his music.
The Ballad of Me and My Friends- Honest lyrics, stripped down playing style, good to sing along to.
Long Live The Queen- So full of raw emotion and energy, love the way it usually comes with no introduction out of nowhere during shows.
One Foot Before The Other- I just find this song so utterly disturbing... that's why I love it!
Peggy Sang The Blues- Love the introduction he gives sometimes about drinking whiskey with his Grandma :)

And a few honourable mentions:
Eulogy/Try This At Home (Eulogy somehow serves as the perfect intro to TTAH even though they weren't written that way).
The Road
I Am Disappeared
The Real Damage
I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous/Reasons Not To Be an Idiot (On the Take To The Road live album).
Losing Days

Your turn.

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Re: Your Favourite FT Songs Live?

Post by Watergirl » Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:46 pm

This is tricky. I would be in favour of more setlist variety, but if you ask me which are the songs that get me every time and that I never get bored of, it's precisely the ones that get played most often:
I still believe, Try this at home, Four simple words, Long live the queen, One foot before the other, The way I tend to be, Recovery.
Less frequently played songs that I heard live and think are great are Cowboy chords, Balthazar impresario, Back in the day, Broken piano, St Christopher is coming home, Hits & Mrs, Tattoos.
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Re: Your Favourite FT Songs Live?

Post by waywardson » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:23 am

Four Simple Words- It just sums up what Frank's shows are about to me, and in fact it's the song that introduced me to his music.
Same here, hands down. This is my first exposure to FT, about two weeks after I found myself in a local basement club punk show for the first time in years (Metz and White Lung in Vancouver) and rediscovering the awesomeness of of joyously slamming one's body into complete strangers. FSW captured that sp