Elvis & covers?

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Elvis & covers?

Post by Bossman66 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:12 am

Hi Again Frank

I've been interested in your views on other artists I've asked about, so here's another 'biggie'

How do you feel about Elvis Preseley and his body of work?

In my view, it's a tricky one. As a kid I was a huge Elvis fan, probably influenced by the resurgence of his music on the radio around the time of his death, when I was 11. Obviously he was a performer of other people's music rather than his own and he had some very bad periods during the latter movie years in the mid-late 60's and towards the end of his career in the 70's but through it all he had a remarkable vocal range and sheer presence and you don't earn the title 'the King' by chance. From '54-'56, he was almost the architypal original 'punk', his album Elvis Presley, the inspiration for the cover of 'London Calling' by The Clash. After the army years, he came back with the 'Elvis Is Back' album, another great record and even after the movie years, he bounced back again with the incredible '68 TV Special & the brilliant 'Memphis Sessions. At the start of the 70's he continued to make some great records before his sad decline and eventual passing, but some of the vocals from that period are senstational.

Getting back to the question, you namecheck Elvis in 'I Still Believe' as one of 'The Greats' so I suppose I'm asking is that your view or did it just fit the song nicely?

Incidentally, did you realise that Elvis died on 16th August 1977, 35 years to the day before your show at the Cheese & Grain, which brings me on to the 2nd part of the question.

How long does it take you and the band to work up a cover and would you cover an Elvis tune and if so, any you'd like to take a shot at?

I have been both intrigued and impressed by the covers I've heard or seen you do. Intrigued by your choices, obviously songs you've liked by artists you've liked and impressed by the effort to bring something new to them, often rearranging tempo in particular.

Some lesser known Elvis tune could be interesting perhaps something like 'Raised On Rock' from the 70's as a follow up to 'I Still Believe' ( I think Elvis' version was a cover in the first place although not sure) or one of his hits rearranged by you.

Getting my stitches out of my knee on Wednesday and will be making a final decision on the Frome show then, if I can still get tickets, so it's not a specific request, but I am interested in your views.

See you on Thursday if I make the show or at 'Bath' later this year if not.

Amy worked in a bar in Exeter, Springsteen came clear in my headphones - Frank, did you write these lyrics for me?

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