My Poem: Now

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My Poem: Now

Post by jcbowyer » Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:25 pm

Frank sings a lot about struggles, parents and even the almighty or lack thereof.

I wrote the poem below to flush out some of my thoughts. Hope Frank and other Frank fans might read it some day.


When there is space and time…
Awful things creep in my mind
Lingering at night in bed
My thoughts fill with dread

Running, spinning out of control
Is there purpose or life in my soul
To whom I blame and to whom I plead
All are chosen, not surprisingly, by me

My parents were happy and devout
They shined brilliant light all about
They did not preach and gave us space
To find footing in this precarious place

So Almighty, where is her and him in me
Why is the decision tough to choose to be happy
For greatness is not found in those you overcome
But in the joy and effort when your best is done

I speak often of low expectations from others
Pressuring myself also does not help to discover
that when I say Almighty, I should not look above
But in my own self, Almighty is there and she is love

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