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Yorkshire Keep MY Bones

Post by Alex Pearson » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:41 pm

So I wrote a song based around Frank's lyrics / album titles etc. Was just for a bit of fun (I was very bored that day) but ended up as a fairly decent tune.

Idea was to take someone else's lyrics / titles etc. and twist them to fit my own tune and give them my own meaning

I wonder if anyone can correctly count the number of Frank related references (assuming people have nothing else to do with their time, which is unlikely!)? - A few people have tried and none have got it quite right so far

A tune with a bit of a nerdy challenge attached to it https://soundcloud.com/yorkshireboy/yor ... p-my-bones

N.B this is definitely not meant to be a weird over the top homage to Frank or anything, was just an interesting idea (was toying with calling in an artistic exercise then stopped myself in case it came across as too self indulgently artsy)

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