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Post by Nico » Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:33 pm

Hey everyone, I want to show you some poems/songs. It would be cool if someone give me some feedback. Here´s the first one.

Neals Song

Jack please teach me how to write,
I steal cars and sometimes fight,
love all women black or white,
so lets take pills and drive all night.

Where s the old Neil Cassady?
A rambler with long hair,
guess my old Neil Cassady,
drives on the road somewhere.

Think back to that crazy time,
when ramblin round was calledl a crime,
our friend Allen always rhymed,
you and I we had no dime.

But where s my ol Neil Cassady?
a drinker with long hair,
guess the old Neil Cassady,
lies on the road somewhere.

I remember your fever in old Mexico,
(I m still feeling sorry but I just had to go)
and every crazy Jazz saxophone show,
and all our travellin through cold wind and snow,
So I got that feeling from my hair to my toe,
you and I, Jack, are the best friends I know.

And we ll never find old Cassady,
and we ll never see it all,
but when you want to travell on,
then please give me a call.

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