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(Blame It On) Frank Turner

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 5:15 pm
by PatrickTaylor
This is the title to a song I recently wrote - it's actually an Homage to Frank and my way of thanking him for all of his hard work and sticking it out in the brutal music industry. I was introduced to Frank by someone from England who happened to be visiting Florida - we met at a restaurant bar and started talking about music, which lead to her telling me about Frank Turner - and the rest - is history - I love Frank and his music - everything about it - he's inspired me as a songwriter to Get Better (pun intended - that happens to be the first song of Frank's that I heard - I immediately fell in love with his music). I hope to record this song later this summer. And I'm seeing Frank for the first time in Orlando 10 - June - I'm so excited to see him live -