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Re: New album

Post by Watergirl » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:06 pm

Just read the article in Q about the new album. Very nice article and photos.
I can see Frank's point about sixth albums not being terribly exciting, but I must point that "Nebraska" was a sixth album…..
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Re: New album

Post by eh » Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:51 pm

Hmmm. Strange. I have to admit didn't really like Get Better all that much when I first heard it, and reading or hearing somewhere that the new album would be "more upbeat" made me shiver. (I've always preferred the self-pity ballads (now there's a name for a future compilation), I guess.)

And since I haven't had the chance to hear any of the new stuff live*, I've also tried not to listen to crappy Youtube recordings of them. But now that I somehow ended up listening to an acoustic and a full band live version of Get Better, I realized that hours later I was still humming the melody. So I'm getting excited about the new album, after all. (Staying up for a whole night reading the book this week might also have reminded me that there would soon be another set of songs by Frank to listen to, and that I should be excited about that.)

* It's been ages since the last show anywhere in Northern Europe (no, Germany does not count, nor does Scotland).

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Re: New album

Post by Sivvy » Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:09 am

'Get Better' definitely does it for me. Having just faced down the toughest six months of my adult life, the timing couldn't have been better for it to become my new personal anthem (apologies to my neighbours for the number of times they must have now heard it . . .)

I'm getting stupidly excited about the new album. I'm all for change and progression, and get bored pretty easily when bands essentially release the same album every time. But before most acts release new stuff, I still have an air of trepidation in case they've gone off on a totally weird experimental tangent (*cough* Radiohead *cough*) or lost what makes them special. Having heard all bar one (I think) of the new FT songs at various shows last year, I can honestly say there wasn't a dud amongst them - the fact that I can still remember them having only heard them a couple of times speaks volumes. So now it's just the fun part of seeing how they've been arranged/ recorded which, based on 'Get Better', makes me ridiculously excited.

If there isn't a release announcement soon, there's a distinct possibility I might pop.

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Re: New album

Post by SusanneD » Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:01 am

Couldn't have said it any better. "Get Better" has been my anthem since I heard it for the first live last summer and especially with the crap I had to deal with this last few weeks it's been such an important song to me. Same goes for the rest of the album, as far as I was priviliged to hear it during various gigs. It sounds amazing. Different, yes, probably to some extent, but that's good! Really good! When I discovered Frank in 2013 I got to know all his music all at once and I loved most of it and I was a bit worried, the new record might take a direction I might not like as much! But I shouldn't have worried. It's going to be ace! I know it...
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