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Smoking Hot Song From Paul Kelly

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:13 pm
by Peter T.

In Australia, Paul Kelly is revered as one of their finest singer/songwriters. In the USA, he has a relatively small but devoted following. I've been fortunate to see him about 10 times during the last 30 years. Last week he drew just a few hundred fans to see him in Boston. This killer tune is from his new album.

I'd be surprised if you're not hooked once you hear the opening guitar riff.

And then, check out: Deeper Water, Dumb Things, To Her Door (Springsteen wished he wrote this one), Careless, and How To Make Gravy. There's heaps more but that'll get you going, folks!

Peter T.

Re: Smoking Hot Song From Paul Kelly

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:06 am
by Jazz Richards
This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing!