In Praise of Regional Bands

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In Praise of Regional Bands

Post by Peter T. » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:41 pm
More than a decade ago, a Canadian guy I met on-line sent me a mix-tape. I lost track of the guy, but I'm forever appreciative that he included a few songs by Edmonton's Junior Gone Wild. I don't know how much of an audience they earned outside of their locale, but this nugget deserved a wider audience. It makes me wonder how many other regional bands are scattered over the continents, having created similarly inspired, rockin' tunes. Oh, and yes, it's a shitty, low budget video, but dig that organ! Dig the lyrics!

I Don't Know About All That (M. McDonald)

There's fire on the pavement restless souls are lighting matches

That much I can see

Anchormen and candidates and prostitutes are always influencing me

And though I'm standing over here

That distant sound reaches my ears

Tempts my comprehension and my sight with no lines

To read between

But I don't know about all that

Don't even keep it with me

And even if I come in last I know you'll be around me

It doesn't take an overdose you just have to brush my face

You're what I want to do the most I would go any place

There's hostages, there's world war three fulfilling biblical prophecy

I just don't know

Playing on the corner breaks the law the cops come tell me that I gotta go

And I have spent a night in jail

In sleep I've seen the gates of hell

God in all His glory forgot to do something about the litter on the streets

It's a roller coaster ride

If there's no handle, clutch the sides

The carnival master has a ball

He catches your coins as they fall

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