Lost evenings III tickets

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Lost evenings III tickets

Post by nikg » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:32 pm

Hi fans,

The result of back-and-forth with friends along with uncertain travel plans plus "I can't miss this!" has resulted in me having a slew of extra tickets for LE-III. Asking whatever I paid for them (face value plus whatever ticketmaster fees were). Email me at nikmeister98@hotmail.com

Here is what I have:

Thurs 2/16 - 2 GA and 2 Upper Mezz
Fri 2/17 - 2 upper mezz
Sat 2/18 - 2 upper mezz and 2 GA
Sun 2/19 - 2 upper mezz

Good luck and I will see you at the shows!


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