Boss in Paris

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Re: Boss in Paris

Post by poetdownhere » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:19 pm

frank wrote:I thought it was great. I like the fact he's playing more songs now, rather than just jamming out every song (saw him do a 10 minute version of Atlantic City one - no thanks, and that's a fave of mine). We got Reason To Believe early on, which was very special for me, and Nebraska. Good show. The powercut was pretty intimidating, being where we were, but it panned out OK.

No wayyyy you were there?? My jaw hit the stage when he started Reason to Believe AND Nebraska - delighted with that show ... and then the next day: the whole River. Even though I had hoped he wouldn't (but I kinda knew he would) it was all made good by the opening: Iceman ... blubbering mess I was

Good to know you made it to one of the fabbiest shows on the European tour.

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