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Re: By request

Post by Evan » Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:52 am

frank wrote:
Evan wrote:I stand corrected.

I still do not trust it though. I refuse to believe that everyone is voting for the same songs night after night, because there really isn't a huge difference in setlist from night to night, and they tend to play certain songs for a few nights, and then it might change for a few's not exactly like they haven't lied to their fans before. Like that old "we'll never make videos" thing...remember that? Oh how times have changed.
Ah but the thing about this is, most bands have a corpus of material that their fans like. For example, if I did a request set voted on by every person at the show, I'd almost certainly play Believe, Photosynthesis, Recovery etc etc every night. That's the part of the calculus some die-hard people forget - I know that *you* will go nuts if I play "back to sleep" or whatever, but most people absolutely won't - trust me, I know, I've written a lot of setlists. If it was pure democracy every night I wouldn't be at all surprised if it came out the same time and time again.

I understand this, and agree that sure the big hits will get voted for, but if you actually look at the set lists they have ended up playing it's a bit samey on consecutive nights, and then changes a bit for a few nights. Perhaps it's a regional thing. But either way, I just dont trust them. It's no more than a vehicle to let them tour the festival circuit AGAIN, and I refuse to believe they are all above board.
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Re: By request

Post by newmy » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:06 am

Evan wrote:I find those "playing album in full" shows really boring. It takes away the unpredictability of the set. Sure, there is stuff I would like to see live, but I would rather it be a surprise than know when it is coming.

I also kind of think that if you want to hear songs from certain albums, then you should have gone to see them at the time. I understand that just isn't always possible, but the whole nostalgia trip is for people who have nothing new to offer as far as I am concerned. When an artist is consistently releasing decent new material, then why they hell should the want to revisit something from 10 years ago or whatever.

If you go to a show and the band just drop a whole album into the set, then cool - that is kind of special. But organising special shows to do this is a bit lame if you ask me. It essentially says that no one gives a fuck about your new stuff, so the only way to pull a crowd is to play the oldies.
Whilst I agree that it takes away the unpredictability of the set, I have to disagree with the boring part. Admittedly I've only been to a couple of "whole album" shows, but they both felt like really joyous and triumphant occasions, like a celebration of that particular part of the band's work. Whilst I concede there's a nostalgia trip element to these kind of shows, doesn't the assertion that the "nostalgia trip is for people who have nothing new to offer as far as I am concerned" almost reduce the idea of including any old songs in a current set to the same level? Band X are producing consistently good records every time they put something out, so why bother including any songs from any previous records, after all, that's just a nostalgia trip for people who have nothing new to offer, and Band X have loads of new stuff to offer.

Anyway, I'm just rambling and tired and being kinda contrary for the sake of it now so I'll stop.

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Re: By request

Post by valderie » Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:20 am

darlenet. wrote:Nah, I don't agree with "lame". Maybe predictable, perhaps tedious, but not lame. I would use the adjective "special". Not something done all the time. I saw Weezer play Pinkerton, and the majority of it I had never heard live. And never will again most likely. Yes it was totally nostalgic. In a magnificent way. I would love to hear every beloved album played front to back. The songs in the order the artist intended. But not exclusively. I love new music.
Same here. I've seen a fair few full album gigs and all have been really great - not boring at all. And everyone in the crowd was stoked to be there and to hear those bsides that never got played even when the albums were new. They were always truly joyous places to be. Stand outs for me were Weezer's Blue Album in full (a "weezer time machine" first - playing one single from every album leading back until they did Blue in full, in order) and They Might Be Giants first album in full (played out of order, mixed with songs from other albums in. I took my brother to this show cause hes the mega TMBG fan and fans didn't know which song would be next so every time a song started everyone lost their minds)

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Re: By request

Post by koepy » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:05 am

Saw The Living End doing their Retrospective Tour, playing six nights in a row their six albums in five different cities. Some of the best shows I've ever seen.

For sure, it's always a special thing and it would be boring if a band just would concentrate on their best album released 20 years ago or whatever, but I think it's a damn cool thing to do these special interest shows every now and then.

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Re: By request

Post by tiffiny » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:35 pm

Just here to brag that the only album show I've been to is "Buddies" and it was pretty great.
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