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Post by Bridgland9 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:03 am


I was at your gig in Bristol on Sunday and it was the best night of life. I finally got the chance to see you play. And you did not disappoint. However to my question topic, I have been watching on YouTube your wembley show, and wanted to know whether you'd prefer to play a gig like the 02 academy or a show like wembley? And why? And if you answer wembley, please tell me you'll do it again in the near future!

And also, one more thing, the song 'the ballad of me and my friends' at wembley you said it was the last time you'll ever play it. But did you really mean that, I mean I know it's about you making it and wembley seems like a damn fucking good finishing point to admit that, but what I found with your lyrics especiall,y they have that ability to guide people with their own ambitions? And the ballad of me and my friends sums that up for me i think. Don't regret anything and do everything you can kind of attitude?

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Re: Venues

Post by frank » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:01 am

hi connor. i don't have particularly strong preferences about venue sizes - it's more a question of finding the right place to get the people who want to come to the show in. sometimes and places that's a small place, sometimes it's a big place, depends how i'm doing really.

the ballad actually came out last night. i think it's a kind of "special occasions" song now.
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