(Blame It On) Frank Turner

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(Blame It On) Frank Turner

Post by PatrickTaylor » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:08 pm

Hello Frank,

Got to meet you for the first time after my 3rd show - thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me - very gracious and cool of you. I'm curious - and I'm not asking for a critque - if you listened to the MP3 file I gave you on a thumb drive - I was at your nighttime show at the Palladium in St. Petersburg, FL and I also gave you a journal with the lyric to a song I wrote - (Blame It On) Frank Turner - again, it won't hurt my feeling if you didn't like it - I know the recording had some flaws and mistakes, just wondering if you actually listened to it - and also curious if you read the lyric -

This song was actually written for the woman who introduced me to you a couple of years ago - but I did put a lot of effort into the song - when I first started writing it I came up with the title and concept and first verse but decided if I was going to write a song with your name in the title and you being the subject matter it had to be at least a good and respectable song - I shelved it in November 2017 and re-visited it in April 2018 and completed it in June 2018. My friend Sam seemed to like it a lot. (I also included another song I wrote for Sam titled Barney And Me - that tune is about her horse, which she rides competitively throughout England).

I hope you've had a chance to listen to it and I do hope you liked it - thanks again for the inspiration, not just for the song but for songwriting in general - you have definitely inspired me to challenge myself as a songwriter - and at this point I'm only a "don't quit your day job" songwriter - but I do think I've improved since listening to you - Tom Petty has been a major influence on me for years - also the Avett Brothers and Ray LaMontagne - there are others but the short list would be these - and thankful now you too - and I'd say in some ways you're right up there with TP - and maybe even surpass him in terms of your style - I love so many of your songs and I love your songwriting - both lyric and music/melody - and of course I love your sound and voice too -

Thanks also for autographing my Taylor - I have no intention of ever selling it - I play it every day - you have a cool autograph and it looks really great on the mahogany top that is stained burgundy on that guitar - it's kind of subtle and you really only notice it in a certain light -

Thanks again Frank - you are indeed very kind -



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