Rude interviews

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Rude interviews

Post by jani » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:24 pm

Hiya Frank,

I've been watching a lot of your live videos and interviews on Youtube recently and stumbled across this one - It was for a morning show on German TV and I cringed throughout the whole interview and wondered how you remained so professional even though the interviewer was using his 5 minute interview to ask rude questions and making clear that he doesn't have a clue what your music is about. A few questions on this topic: do you get a lot of interview requests like this from, let's say, formats that are not into any kind of rock/hardcore/punk whatever music? Do you get a word in which interviews you do? And do you sometimes watch your own interviews afterwards?

Also want to shout out a quick thank you for your music and being truly authentic. I loved reading The road beneath my feet and am eagerly waiting for your new book to arrive. I've never experienced before that someone writes in the same style my head thinks, so even though our lives are very different and I don't share all your opinions, it was pretty interesting to read sentences that I would've formed the same way. :) If that makes any sense ;)
Can't wait to see you at Southside and in Wiesbaden this year!

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