Springsteen on Broadway

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Springsteen on Broadway

Post by Watergirl » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:15 pm

Hi Frank. I just saw the video in which you talk about dancing with a porn star, as you do.. I noticed you wearing a Springsteen On Broadway T-shirt.
Was wondering if you have been to the show and if so, what you thought of it.
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Re: Springsteen on Broadway

Post by frank » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:49 pm

I didn't make it alas. Will get to the Netflix special when I can.
Shows? All of em.

"He's like an Uncle, I like him but I don't want to listen to him all day."

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Re: Springsteen on Broadway

Post by Bossman66 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:53 pm

Let us know what you think of it when you watch it please.

Amazing is my review (but then it would be given my username)!

Looking forward to Cardiff. Rock the joint!

Amy worked in a bar in Exeter, Springsteen came clear in my headphones - Frank, did you write these lyrics for me?

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