The Elvis T-Shirt

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The Elvis T-Shirt

Post by Bossman66 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:08 am

Hi Frank

You posted this on Facebook with a picture of your self made ‘If Elvis Isn’t dead, let’s kill him’ T-Shirt:

Cleaning out an old storage unit today and found this. I made this shirt myself when I was about 15. “If Elvis isn’t dead let’s kill him”. Obviously before I got into Elvis. Note the safety pins. Punk as fuck (and now way too small for me).

I’m aware of the Elvis bringing his children home from I still Believe reference of course. You may have commented before, but I haven’t seen it. Can you expand on ‘before I got into Elvis’ please?

Are you a fan?
Is there a particular period in his career you like?
A favourite song or songs?
Have you been to Graceland?

I consider myself a fan and have been to Graceland. There are several periods I like. The Sun Years (any of the Sun Records collections) The 50’s explosion (‘Elvis Presley’ [Clash cover] album akin to punk in the 70’s almost). The early films & soundtracks (King Creole). The first comeback after the army years (Elvis Is Back album). The period just before during and after the ‘68 comeback (From Elvis In Memphis album). The early Vegas period (That’s The Way It Is album). Also have a soft spot for ‘From Elvis Presley Boulevard’ and ‘Moody Blue’ albums since experiencing The Jungle Room, although they are not as artistically as good as the others I mentioned.

Thanks, Bossman

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Re: The Elvis T-Shirt

Post by frank » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:21 pm

Big fan; I have a big Elvis tattoo on my right forearm. Love Sun era, 68 Comeback special, and the later period Muscle Shoals stuff is great too. Got into his stuff through the Peter Guralnick biogs. Haven't been to Graceland yet (went to the parking lot once on tour, we couldn't afford to park, let alone get in). But planning on it soon.
Shows? All of em.

"He's like an Uncle, I like him but I don't want to listen to him all day."

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