Has anyone ever requested a refund for a concert before?

Talk about upcoming shows, discuss shows that have happened, this isn't rocket science you know

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Has anyone ever requested a refund for a concert before?

Post by Kerr » Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:40 pm

Curious if anyone has ever done this before, with any success?

A group of us went to Bryan Adams on Sunday night in Montrose. It was an outdoors gig and I had bought the tickets as a gift. They weren't the cheapest at £49 each plus all the usual inflated Ticketmaster fees. There was no support at the gig.

We had been suffering from Gale Force winds since the early hours, so it amazed us all that it was going ahead. As far as I can see, pretty much all the outdoor events in Scotland were called off. There was also lots of other newsworthy incidents caused by the Gale Force winds. Boats getting blown over, oil rigs blown ashore, trees falling on the train line that serves Montrose cancelling trains.

The weather was forecast and prolonged. There was no surprise element. In my opinion the concert should have been cancelled hours before anyone even needed to travel.

We arrived at the outdoor venue and were allowed in. However they had closed all the marquees due to health and safety, which was understandable given the conditions. However they were right next to the crowd if they were to blow away. There was also the sound booth and very high TV gantry right in the middle of the crowd. If they weren't safe, nobody should have been allowed into the venue in my opinion.

People had been let in at 6pm for an 8pm start. After much bitterness at the event and on social media they opened the bars at 8.30pm, when the winds hadn't died at all. People had paid £20 extra for the VIP bar.

The gig was the worst thing I have ever been to. We were less than halfway back in the crowd and we genuinely couldn't make out what song was being played most of the time. It turned out that due to the gale force winds they removed most of the speakers earlier in the day. They also had to reduced the height of the rest. They hadn't even bother to conduct a soundcheck during the day according to someone that was at the venue all day.

You wouldn't actually believe how bad the sound actually was. There was almost 12,000 people there and thousands of them left early, it wasn't just poor sound, we just couldn't even hear.

What has angered me since is the response by Montrose Music Festival and LCC Live events who put the event on. Montrose Music Festival responded to my email and said it was nothing to do with them. LCC Live have been ignoring everyone that has emailed.

Montrose Music Festival have quite a large local following and it's basically resulted in the bullying people that have complained. Apparently we should feel honoured that they've managed to attract Bryan Adams to Montrose and should ignore the fact many of us had a dreadful time. That doesn't seem to matter.

I can deal with driving rain, knee deep in mud or anything like that, but what't the point of a concert if you can't hear? How can you excuse that?

The people who paid £20 each for the VIP bar are all alcoholics that clearly can't live 2.5 hours without a drink. Reasonable complaints have been twisted around to make valid points seem like whingers.

They just failed to use any common sense, ignored health and safety, and didn't care if they put on a satisfactory show or not.

Sorry for the long rant, but has anyone ever faced such exceptional conditions before?

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Re: Has anyone ever requested a refund for a concert before?

Post by DaveK » Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:48 am

No, that sounds like a nightmare of a concert.
I'd say something like "hey, it's Bryan Adams, did
you really want the sound working anyway",
But you've suffered enough.

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Re: Has anyone ever requested a refund for a concert before?

Post by Evan » Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:47 am

Bryan Adams is a Turner fan, and a (seemingly) terribly nice chap to boot.

You might find that the T&Cs will say something along the lines of the show going ahead rain or shine, and that inclement weather is not the responsibility of the promoter etc (act of god and all that). But I would perhaps speak to citizens advice bureau as they will almost certainly be able to at least point you in the right direction.
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