Arizona (esp. Tucson) in April

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Re: Arizona (esp. Tucson) in April

Post by ToTheWest » Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:11 am

doug wrote: Passion is passion. Those who attempt to assign value judgments to sources of passion lose the point of the pursuit. Be it sport or music or more traditional forms of art...if that s**the moves you and hurts no one, lather, rinse and repeat. Leave the rule makers at the back of the venue trying to decide what we should do while we get on with it sans their permission.
Well said! I almost posted the essay last night, then realized how its length would make it pretty ridiculous to post in a forum. But Nigel told me it would be on his blog soon, so when it is, I'll just post a link in "Try This at Home." Thanks for your interest.
Brevity is not my forte.

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