UK Tour April 13

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Re: UK Tour April 13

Post by drinkthesunshinezine » Tue May 21, 2013 6:34 am

Tomasz wrote:Once, at Wembley, there was an idiot near the front, behaving idiotically, who wouldn't take the hint, so I grabbed him by the face (no, really) and screamed the whole of I am disappeared at him. It was a strange old night.
At Wembley, during Billy Bragg, I was stood near a father, mother and his son (about 18 years old). They talked and shouted all the way through Billy Bragg's set, taking the piss. Then they kept shouting for 'New England' (which was obviously going to be played last). When it was played (last, of course) they sung along as if there were massive fans.

I didn't understand it at all.
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