Acoustic Lakeside Bootleg 2014 ft Scott of Frightened Rabbit

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Acoustic Lakeside Bootleg 2014 ft Scott of Frightened Rabbit

Post by suitcaselife » Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 am

Hey everyone,

this morning I re-watched the recording of Modern Leper at Lost Evenings last year in the XMR Truck and Frank mentioned they only played it in Austria before... I wanted to attend Acoustic Lakeside that year, but it's at the arse of nowhere, so I couldn't make it without spending endless hours on a train... but someone was kind enough to make a bootleg and as FR were playing too, Scott joined Frank and Matt for Modern Leper:

Show 1590 25th July 2014 @ Acoustic Lakeside Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria

Link is online for 7 days, pls pass it along, share it for free and don't sell it.
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