06. August 2017 (Erlangen, Germany // audience bootleg)

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06. August 2017 (Erlangen, Germany // audience bootleg)

Post by suitcaselife » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:51 am

Hey there,

it's been a week since the only headliner show in Germany happened in Erlangen. It was a wonderful energy with many smiling faces in front and on stage. The bootleg is online for seven days, and I kindly ask you to share it - but if you do, do it for free.

The next track "Be More Kind" ist NOT included in this bootleg.

Here you go:

01) Get Better
02) Glorious You
03) Plain Sailing Weather
04) The Next Storm
05) Out Of Breath
06) Recovery
07) Banter
08) Losing Days
09) Try This At Home
10) One Foot Before The Other
11) Long Live The Queen
12) Banter
13) The Way I Tend To Be
14) Josephine (Solo)
15) Be More Kind (Solo // Not included!!!)
16) The Ballad Of Me And My Friends
17) Opening Act Of Spring
18) The Road
19) I Am Disappeared
20) Happy Birthday Cathrin
21) If Ever I Stray
22) Photosythesis
23) Banter
24) Pass It Along (Duo /w Matt)
25) Polaroid Picture
26) I Still Belive
27) Four Simple Words
28) Outro
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