Silver Spring, 1-19-2017 and Philly 1-20-2017

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Silver Spring, 1-19-2017 and Philly 1-20-2017

Post by solinari67 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:06 pm

Frank opened with a new political protest and citizen activism song: The Sand in the Gears. You can find it on youtube and you can watch it over and over, like I have.

The audience was REALLY into it. (Silver Spring is very close to DC.) Also, the audience was super-warm throughout the evening. It's the kind of show where you feel like you're surrounded by friends.

The setlist rarities were a solo performance of Hits & Mrs (aided by a fan who bought and distributed kazoos to a ton of first-row audience members) and a stirring rendition of Love Ire and Song (which is going to be a staple on this tour).

The next night in Philly had a setlist that was pretty much the same set except for playing Recovery earlier in the set, a solo version of Vital Signs, and a solo electric version of Broken Piano (which was absolutely mesmerizing.)

Frank announced that this would be the last North American tour for a little while, as they are going to record a new album once the tour is done.

I love the man and I love the band and I love the way they're all about respect, empathy, inclusion, and looking out for each other.
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