"We won't sit down and we won't shut up!"

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"We won't sit down and we won't shut up!"

Post by Lene » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:18 pm

This clip (check the link below) is from Reading Festival 2013.
I watched this whole set today to cheer myself up after the devastating news of terror and hate which left me speechless and angry and incredibly sad.
When hearing those words I couldn’t really decide between crying or standing up, shouting “fuck yes!” and applaude.
These days they seem to fit more than ever.
That’s what music is all about.
Nobody could have said it better. Thank you so incredibly much, Frank!


“We won’t sit down. And we won’t shut up!”

We should never stop to celebrate (live) music or stop living what we love and what brings us joy. If we do this, they won..

So keep on rocking in a free world!

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