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Say something nice...

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:38 pm
by Lene
Let's try something:

Inspired by ‪#‎FTRAOK‬ I would like to start kind of a "social media experiment". I created this Facebook-Site for it:

Unfortunately, we all usually don't speak about the fact that we set store on each other. We to rarely say something nice. And that's a shame - we to often forget that we are a lot better than we (sometimes) think! It may be naive but I really like the idea of just telling each other more “nice” things. We to often forget how great we all are in every day life..

So let's say something nice! :D

Let's spread the word about the hashtag ‪#‎saysomethingnice‬ and USE it! DO it! #saysomethingnice!!!

Post this on your walls (use every social media you want/have), share it, tagg your friends - spread the word!

We forget to often in everyday life. Especially the internet is so full of negative postings.. every day more..
So let's make it a better, nicer place - we are good! :D