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Costs of being in a band.

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:30 am
by Barry

I'm 99.9% that Ben posted this - ... 7839402753

Summary of the post
Our approximate costs per year are as follows:
Practices: £2,200
Storage: £1,440
Equipment: £1,000
Travel to London gigs: £1,650
Travel to out of London gigs: £3,300
Annual Total: £8,652*
Bear in mind it takes us about three years to write and record and album and that recording costs us about £2,000 that means a three year album cycle costs us approximately £27,956. That's just shy of £5,600 each.

On the next tour we will be selling all four albums and a shirt for a bundle price of £25 and I'm sweating making back the £1500 we've put in to getting shirts printed and buying CDs from the labels who put them out (two of which are one-man operations who have also lost a ton of money on us in the past)!
I know this topic has covered a lot of debate on FB and on the DiS forums - just thought I'd share it here with you guys.

I imagine for Ben, there is a certain level of pride that the Mongol Horde album and shows will sell very well, but perhaps a sense of frustration that Palehorse have been slogging their collective guts out for over 10 years without such success.

That's not to say hard work/determination should automatically equal success (and maybe I'm totally missing the point of his post).

I know there are a small handful of bands that I do try to buy CDs as well as t-shirts to try and support them (Johnny Foreigner being such a band I try to support). I guess perhaps these days we all like so many different bands (thanks to the internet), that it's hard to financially support every band...but as FT has mentioned many times on here - there is a sense of entitlement that fans over access to music without the need to pay (or using Spotify as a way to ease the conscience).

It's fair to say I'm probably guilty of some of these things, but do also try to make an effort to support bands who mean a lot to me and who are in more financial need than others (of course that's a dodgy line for me to tread).

Anyways, sorry for the long post - haven't posted in a while, so I'll make it a long one!

Re: Costs of being in a band.

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:56 pm
by newmy
Longer version of Ben's thoughts here: ... ig-tickets