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Travel Chaos

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:52 pm
by Bella
Hey Folks

with the travel chaos could people travelling please let us/friends/family know you have arrived safely? Thanks

Also - people who are not travelling but know those who are, please keep you eyes open for travel updates that your buddies might find helpful and pass them on - especially alternative routes and/or places to stay for those truly stranded.

I had some travel chaos myself and was rescued by a gig buddy who gave me a lift from Winchester to Southampton as the trains from about 9pm till 1:30 am ish were all delayed or cancelled (trees fallen on the line with the high winds - both directions!)

In the morning I was trying to get from Southampton to Bristol and was helped by a freind who looked up the coaches for me as I didn't have net access, and a total stranger who overheard and helped me get the train company to re route me.

(my phone is a phone - it makes calls and texts and nothing else!)

I have heard some horrendous stories the last few days - cars/vans with engine probems due to the wet, roads and train tracks flooded and washed away in places, accidents and injuries due to wind and rain and debris from both, the train in front of mine was hit by a tree!

I have also heard that some taxi companies are charging a riddiculous amount for people whose bus/train etc wasn't running.

Please take care out there!


Re: Travel Chaos

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:55 pm
by Bella

Huge thanks to the security guy on the door at the Railway who told me there was a night bus from Winchester to Southampton and then looked it up for me - sadly Ihad missed it :-(

Also huge thanks to hakabob for the lift :-) I owe you either petrol money or a drink :-)

my faith in humanity has been restored with the help I've had this weekend, mostly from total strangers!