Love Ire And Song

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Love Ire And Song

Post by Unorthadox1080 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:12 pm

Today my lecturer told me about an old phrase "If your not a socialist at the age of 20 you don't have a heart and if your still at socialist at the age of 40 you don't have a brain". Weirdly I instantly thought of Love Ire And Song and it made the song make much more sense, going through the lyrics it seems to sum it up really well. In my opinion anyway.

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Re: Love Ire And Song

Post by frank » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:32 am

That's a Churchill line I think.
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Re: Love Ire And Song

Post by marky p » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:42 am

It's commonly attributed to Churchill but no-one seems to actually know it's origin. Just had a scan on Google and this was the best link I could find, but I've definitely read a more thorough piece on the quote before ... servative/
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Re: Love Ire And Song

Post by sirrichardrichard » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:12 am

Kevin Spacey says a similar line in Swimming with Sharks, as sampled on Lagwagon's Gun in Your Hand.

"If you haven't turned rebel by twenty you've got no heart; if you haven't turned establishment by thirty you've got no brains!"
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