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Re: Frank on TV

Post by Bella » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:37 pm

ahhh this was soo funny...

Pasta surprise.... :D

Been thinking about cooking lately having watched Frank do scones on TV, partly because I can actually make cheese scones. Get the stuff out, measure it, grate twice the amount of cheese that it says. All the ingredients (except the cheese) go in the whizzer thing, when it looks ok, add cheese, oh then the milk and stir till it looks like dough - then I just have to tear off blobs to go on the tray, which goes in the oven to cook. Mmmmmm Tasty!

I have been saying pretty much my whole life that I can’t cook, but I got challenged on that idea a few years ago and it turns out that what I think of as “cooking” is (in my head at least) being able to cook a starter, main and sweet for at least four people without destroying the fluffy kitten (or the food) and having all turn up at the table at the right time, and hot (if it’s supposed to be) whilst looking serene and unfazed - and of course – the food tasting totally divine…. Yeah – I’m unlikely to ever be able to do that, I just panic and burn things…

It turns out that cooking can also mean putting bread into a toaster and pressing the button to make toast or remembering not to put metal in the microwave when you cook a frozen ready meal. I can work the toaster and the microwave and I can open a tin of soup all by myself, but I have to look up how long to boil an egg for.

My own pasta surprise tends to be – cook pasta, drain pasta, add tin of soup. If I’m feeling adventurous I might add frozen veg (peas, onions, sweetcorn, garlic, herbs)

Just wondered if anyone else has their own version of pasta surprise or any other quick easy meal they fancy sharing with someone wanting to learn a little?

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Re: Frank on TV

Post by ScarletPlanetMoon » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:48 pm

this is what I tend to do when I have pasta. Usually varies depending on how I'm feeling/what we have in the cupboards.

Chop and onion (can use a bell pepper and mushrooms too, just chop and cook with the onion), then put pasta on to boil. Get a frying pan and add a little (tiny bit) oil, heat it up and fry the onions til lightly brown. Open a tin of chopped tomatoes, and put them in the pan with the onions. Once hot, add a little tomato paste to thicken. Taste it, then it's time to get fancy with the herbs and spices. You can do pretty much what you want here, but I recommend definitely putting basil (either chopped fresh or dried) in to taste. You could add some chilli powder or flakes if you like it spicy, and I've added a bit of balsamic vinegar in the past and it's been nice. Once you're happy, season with salt and pepper - again to taste. By the time you're done, your pasta should be cooked. Drain pasta, add sauce and dig in!

I also have a recipe for Victoria sponge and fruit scones that have never really let me down, if anyone wants them :P
I'm no good at thinking of something funny enough for these things.

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Re: Frank on TV

Post by Craven » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:21 pm

darlenet. wrote:
Venomous_Bear wrote:I can't believe the guests have to carry the show so much, I'm 10 minutes in, and this is the WEIRDEST show I've ever seen. And I've watched some things. Thank goodness Frank was there, otherwise what the hell would they have talked about??
I know. I wonder if it is a popular, highly rated show in the UK?

I loved those same lines; God, it was awkward. But my favorite part was how Frank continued to diligently press out the scones even while the guy is blabbering on. He was like the Ever Ready bunny back there.
It's good Sunday hangover tv, watch bits of it most weekends, it's not usually as strange as this eppisode.
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