Help get a really cool Documentry made?

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Help get a really cool Documentry made?

Post by mary » Sun May 19, 2013 2:50 pm

Dear Frank Turner fans, let me preface this by saying I am in no way personally affiliated with Cuba Skate other than I donated to this very cool cause and I would love to see the real faces of Cuba documented (and not those sanctioned by the Government). Cuba Skate is trying to make a documentary and they need some extra funds, even a single dollar will help them achieve their goal. They have listed the program with Kick Starter and if they raise the required money by June 7th the doco can go ahead. They're not asking for much, every little bit is appreciated and rewarded. Click to help and learn more, watch the short film, it's truly inspiring - ... o?ref=card

As the name suggests Cuba Skate raises money to send skating equipment to the youths of Cuba. A couple of US skaters visited Cuba and learned how much the kids enjoy skating and the skating culture that exists. I was first made aware of Cuba Skate through one of my favourite US punk blogs and since then have discovered fantastic Latin American punk bands, see here The CD Free Cuba was made to honor the punks of Cuba and also pledges to donate money to Cuba Skate. Cuban punks are persecuted for their very existence (I honestly didn't know that punks are arrested for even talking to tourists and for wearing a Mohawk - I knew it was oppressive but this is hell on earth).

If you can help in any way, even posting this anywhere you think will do some good, I salute you. Here's to the endurance of the human spirit. Thanks and I hope i have not over stepped in any way.

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