Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

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Re: Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

Post by smithyramfan » Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:42 pm

I don't really get why people sometimes label Frank as a political singer. Apart from Thatcher Fucked The Kids, he's not exactly done any majorly political songs
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Re: Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

Post by valderie » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:58 pm

maybe theyre holding him to an idea they built of him in their minds, instead of just letting him be himself / do his own thing.

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Re: Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

Post by andy8000 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:06 pm

Blonde wrote:
andy8000 wrote:. I honestly think though he will continue to play the same size venues as the atmosphere created could not be recreated at larger ones.
Were you not at Wembley?
Yep, i was there and it was a fantastic occasion. When i was talking about the atmosphere i mean the crowd really. The interaction between them and Frank and the band is always special, yet the larger a venue gets the less this interaction can take place in my opinion. Having been to many,many concerts in all size venues over the last 30 odd years, i can honestly say that none make me feel more part of it than one of Frank shows. Even if you are right at the back! That is never the case at large venue shows for any band. Even if you are at the front the stage can be yards away. If you are at the back, it's like watching ants, and you cant be part of that. For me it was just a great one off, because everybody just seemed to be so happy to be there.
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Re: Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

Post by Sheermusic » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:34 pm

Where I come from, we have his thing in the scene called a Frank Wank. Which is what we say to each other every time he is spoken about, or played, or covered by a performer etc.

He deserves his success - one poster earlier said he's hardly had any breaks, yet I'm inclined to disagree. He's worked hard for every break he's been given, and he's tackled each and every one with gusto!

I couldn't be prouder of him or his success and hope he tops the charts and one day headlines a major UK festival. That will happen, I stake my name on it!

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Re: Frank breaking through to the mainstream?

Post by haveaparade » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:44 pm

Half my family are REALLY into politics and stuff, trust me, if it were even the slightest bit political I wouldn't be at all interested! As it were, it's the music I listen to the most. Also to be quite honest, if all this bothers you so much, why on earth are you on this forum?
Sure FT has changed his stance on this over the years. Once We Were Anarchists I think is the song which sums it up the best. Politics is a big part of early FT, however 'in short I am tired of giving a shit'. The convictions have been there in Thatcher Fucked The Kids / Love Ire & Song etc...

FT is at heart a punk rock singer and punk rock is politics. Just now the punk is getting left behind a bit. I entirely understand why, politics divides people and dilutes your listening audience. It is also very hard to stay passionate about everything when it seems like nothing will ever change. 'But surely just for a little while we can insist on the impossible'

Frank has gone down the road of talking about life problems rather than world problems, he still talks a lot of sense. Just a shame that in these times when there has never been such a low amount of belief in the system, especially from the youth, that FT couldn't have been the Ramones/Levellers of his generation and tried to tackle the problems with his new found popularity.

Instead he now says 'We are not trying to change the world, we just want our own space to dance.. no fuss'. Which in itself is admirable, he preaches the love and power of music - which is undoubtedly the most powerful thing in the known universe.... That music can be used to inspire a generation to challenge the status quo of our governmental systems. 'A man who'd trade his liberty for a safe and dreamless sleep, doesn't deserve the both of them and neither shall he keep'

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