Billy Bragg interview

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Billy Bragg interview

Post by smige2 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:10 pm

I was lucky enough to interview Billy Bragg for my student paper. Thought I'd post it here as some of you might be interested:

He actually mentioned Frank at one point and I chose not to include that quote, but it was this:
Is it possible that publications like the NME turn a blind eye to political artists these days?

That is a problem. The editor of the NME after the August riots this year wrote an article saying “Where’s our Clash?” and I felt like saying, well you wouldn’t know it if they jumped out and bit you. They ran a whole 6-page special on the anniversary of The Clash’s first album, and they were ripping the piss out of Frank Turner for going on about The Clash! It’s ridiculous.
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