Ally Pally Sunday again

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Ally Pally Sunday again

Post by hellbound » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:01 am

I walked into Ally Pally on Sunday and had an amazing chat with a security guy on the door who was telling everyone that would listen all about the history, capacity and details about the venue, he brightened up what was already going to be an amazing night.

I walked out of Ally Pally after doing my bit with a guy who took a tumble and knocked himself out (be more kind!) to find 5 tout T shirt sellers right outside the main doors.
Standing next to them were some security guards so I proceeded to vocalise my disgust that they were allowing this scum to sell rip off Merch right outside the doors.
The security guard attempted to lead me to one side so I wasn't making a scene next to the pond scum to which I shrugged him off and told him that instead of stopping me voicing an opinion it might be an idea to move these leeches to another part of the grounds, but apparently it wasn't part of their Jurisdiction.

I gave up at this point and lost all faith in outdoor security.

Indoor security However I still admire.

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