The Value of Knowing The Clock is Ticking

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Peter T.
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The Value of Knowing The Clock is Ticking

Post by Peter T. » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:47 am

Frank's lyrics often make reference to our limited time on Earth, and of the pressing need to make the best use of it. The above link contains a 5 minute talk (with powerfully related images) that touches on these issues and it may well have a profound effect on how you use your limited time and attention. And still it's strangely uplifting and empowering!

This theme makes me recall a favorite snippet of lyrics from the great Aussie singer/songwriter, Paul Kelly.
This is from his song "Little Decisions":

Work a little harder, keep your mind on death
Get your things in order, take a deeper breath
If drinking is the problem then drink a little less
If guilt becomes a burden, find a friend, confess

Anyway, I truly believe you'll find the above video time well spent.

Peter T.

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