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Favorite Podcast of 2017

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:29 pm
by Peter T.
As I've gotten older, I try more than ever to make the best use of my time. I mean, the clock is ticking! I find it interesting that Frank has articulated this understanding so often and at such a relatively young age. As a college freshman, I was introduced to the concept of "opportunity cost" and it has really resonated with me with each advancing year. Past pleasures have been jettisoned in favor of more time listening to podcasts. And yes, that means my music listening has taken a hit, though I still find time for healthy doses of Frank, The Hold Steady, The Clash, Springsteen, and the occasional new band. Thanks to my i-phone, I now have what is essentially "radio on-demand" everywhere: on the treadmill, while driving, taking walks, and doing the innumerable mundane tasks that make-up a lot of our lives. The one podcast that has enriched me greatly and broadened my horizons the most is Sam Harris's "Waking Up". My favorite show of the year concerns how technology has been consciously engineered to obtain and hold onto our attention. As a parent and a teacher, I've gradually come to see the pernicious effects that excessive screen time can have on consumers, and I am especially worried for our young people. The irony that I just praised this technology while simultaneously offering a criticism of it isn't lost on me. The big tech companies have combined a deep understanding of human psychology with powerful engineering in order to compete for what is a limited resource, human attention. I'm guessing that the vast majority of Frank fans spend a hell of a lot of time on devices. I'm not discounting the innumerable benefits of technology, the internet, and social media, I'm just hoping that we educate ourselves so we are fully informed consumers.

I honestly believe you will find this discussion well worth your time. ... oing-to-us

Peter T.

Re: Favorite Podcast of 2017

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:14 pm
by marowak
Hi Peter

I listened to the whole thing - most of the podcasts I listen to are around 30-45 mins so this was quite a beast at 2hrs. I lost interest at times but found the overall topic interesting.

As someone who works, has a young family, makes music etc I find the concept of time fascinating - I try not to spend too much time on social media, facebook and twitter have mostly become vehicles for band promo rather than something that I do as 'me'. A lot of it is down to personal wants and needs. 4 days a week I leave home at 5am and get home at 7pm so it's a 14 hr day for me before I even see my family. My wife works every other weekend so I hardly get any time alone these days.

So for me, it's not distractions of the internet and Apps that take my time away - It is work and family commitments.

I do get 2-3 hours a week with my bandmate to make music and we use that time as best we can - it often amazes me how much we can get done in that time.

Slightly off topic I know, as I say the concept of time is one I often think about ... Facebook and such can engineer things all they like but they are not getting my time more than is needed.

Re: Favorite Podcast of 2017

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:25 pm
by Daire
I could watch/listen to Norm Macdonald interview Steve Merchant all day every day, and I'm not a particular fan of Merchant.

Re: Favorite Podcast of 2017

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:09 am
by marowak
I was introduced to Song Exploder by my friend Chris and am now addicted ...

This is a particuarly good episode - as a musician I find the process of how others make their music utterly compelling.